Main issues with the
current market?

  • Lack of security

    Most launchpads do not provide a sense of security, unlike Unilock. We guarantee that your funds are safe through liquidity locking on our Smart Contract.

  • Rigid Workflow

    Any system must be designed to be flexible, to allow as many parameters as possible to satisfy the needs of the user, which is not the case with what the current market provides.

  • Absense of Governance

    Within the crypto realm, the policy of project owners "DECIDING" for themselves what to implement and whatnot is never a good idea.

Unilock's solution

Through Unilock's Smart Contract, all of the problems stated become obsolete. We built a platform that ensures the safety of all funds, for both investors and projects, with no room for rug-pulls.

We provide an elastic and flexible user-interface that satisfies the needs of any project planning an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). As a campaign maker, you have full control over how your presale should run. You get to choose the percentage of locked funds from the total collected treasure and for how long they should be locked. We put things at ease for you, because it's all automated.

Automated Market Makers, available on Unilock

As an initial start, Unilock deploys collected funds to a new Uniswap PAIRED-POOL, automatically, through our Smart Contract once a presale succeeds. SushiSwap integration is currently under-development.



Uniswap, in simple terms, is a decentralized exchange protocol that allows the trading of crypto tokens without involving a third party.

Benefits of using Unilock



Unilock's system is completely on-chain, everything is handled within the Smart Contract to assure utmost security. Our User-Interface is solely for facilitating human interaction.



Unilock sets the seal on both transparency and integrity. Everything is Open Source. Our Smart Contract is validated on Etherscan, everyone can view and read the code.



In case a presale fails, you'll be able to retrieve your funds through Unilock's Withdrawal feature.


Supporting Community

We tend to keep everyone (our community) up-to-date. Our Telegram channel is always active. If have any questions, head there and we assure you a fast response.